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Are you planning to test mtDNA for more maternal lines in your tree, more relatives, or upgrade existing HVR-tests to FMS/full sequence? SALE! For four days only we are offering our customers the chance to order or upgrade to the mtDNA full sequence at greatly reduced prices. To take advantage … Les mer

Website update

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We are testing out a new layout, so please be patient with any problems on the website while we’re working. In the meantime see our DNA genealogy page about testing for genealogists. The English version of the webpages will be updated later; check the Norwegian version to see all pages … Les mer

mtDNA and Research

FTDNA new survey

Have you done the Full Mitochondrial Sequence (FMS)? Are you still “just” H, V, T2 – or other udefined groups? Maybe no one has done any esearch on just your specific mtDNA mutations yet. For the scientists to evaluate all possible SNPs found in your sequence and define new haplogroups/subclades, … Les mer

DNA meetings in Norway

Anevifte DNA

Occasionally we arrange meetings for people interested in DNA, in the Oslo area, Norway. For our Norwegian-American members, contact your local genealogy clubs and societies for any interest groups in genetic genealogy.     … Les mer

Y-DNA testing to verify lines

from FTDNA

A lot of people still believe that DNA testing for genealogy is mainly for anthropology and the long lines of history.

However, Y-DNA is a powerful and exact tool to control and verify direct paternal lines.

Our interesting article by Trond Bekkevold is not yet translated into English, but can be read through Google translate.



English version of this site

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These webpages are primarily in Norwegian. Almost all information about DNA-testing on the internet is in English already, and these pages were created to cover the need for information in Norwegian. We will however translate the most important material into English as well; for the remaining pages, please use Google … Les mer