GEDCOMs and Genealogy

For the DNA-test to be really useful, some genealogy work is always necessary. These pages will help you through the first steps.

Important reading

Introduction to Genealogy in Norway

“10 tips for beginners” from DIS-Norway

How to start tracing your ancestry in Norway from the National Archives


The Norwegian Digital archives with scanned parish records, census records and a lot more are open and free for all to use to trace ancestors and family: Norwegian Digital Archives online They also have resources on Genealogical Research in Norway

There are two discussion forums where anyone can post queries.

See also our Facebook group for those who want to discuss various issues there – no need to have tested to join.

Genealogy software

It is absolutely necessary to have some kind of genealogical software to keep and save all information and sources when working with ancestry. It is this kind of software that can create GEDCOM files to upload to your FTDNA account.

List of available software with comparisons. Many of these are free or have free versions.

Norsk – some useful vocabulary

  • farfar – paternal grandfather
  • farmor – paternal grandmother
  • morfar – maternal grandfather
  • mormor – maternal grandmother
  • oldefar – any great grandfather
  • oldemor – any great grandmother
  • slekt – any relative or family, “cousin” of any degree


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