Local Projects

The Norway DNA project also develops local overviews with Y- and mtDNA for tested lines in specific areas.

The pages are in Norwegian, but consist mostly of tables so they should be easily understandable.

Goals for the local projects:

  • covering the whole country, so local genealogy societies can find relevant information about tested lines in the area
  • show regional differences within Norway
  • show verified lines by adding information of the brother and sister splits of the descendent lines
  • make an overview of wanted tests “ønskede tester” for the area, with focus on verifiying old lines
  • include test results from other sources; Geno 2.0, 23andMe and others who are not able to tranfer or retest with FTDNA
  • include older, known «immigration» from other countries, that are connected to the area, and that in the NorwayDNA project are categorized in the extra z-groups
  • get local focus to recruit and establish groups around the country that can contribute and generate more local testing and focus
  • give background information about the area, sources, links, and other useful stuff

How to join?

The Local Projects are updated manually by the administrators of Norway DNA. This is how you can join:

  1. Test Y-DNA and/or mtDNA with FamilyTreeDNA
  2. Add your kit to the Norway DNA project – Norgesprosjektet
  3. Make sure you have the information about the earliest known direct line ancestors updated and in the project format with full names, years, parish and county code
  4. Have you tested Y-DNA or mtDNA through a different company: Contact us by email and give us the information of where, enclose the results and ancestral lines for us to add you
  5. Follow the next update of the tables – date for last update is listed under each table

Local projects – list

Current list of local projects under NorwayDNA – click links to get to the pages with DNA-results. Some are still under construction and planning.


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