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Genographic-project is now shutting down! To those who has tested at the project or know anyone who has, now is the time to transfer! Heres more about the issue: Genographic prepares to shut down!

We wish all Norwegian Genographic-testers and Geno 2.0 testers to join Norway DNA. Read more about how to transfer results and join!

Many Norwegians and others with Norwegian ancestry participated in the first Genographic-project which was a collaboration between National Geographic and IBM (sponsor). They performed simple DNA-tests for a number of world populations, and for volunteers who wished to contribute to the database through testing.

The tests were small:

  • Y-DNA 12 STR-marker for direct paternal line
  • mtDNA HVR1-region for direct maternal line

If you have one of these Genographic tests they can be added and will be shown in our public Y-STR and mtDNA HVR lists.

Autumn 2012 the Geno 2.0 was launched, a much more extensive analysis. It tests a large number of Y-DNA SNPs for more detailed haplogroup and subgroup assignment (but no STR for comparison and matching), parts of the mtDNA and autosomes for estimating ethnic origin.

The newer Geno 2.0 can also be transferred for free to Norway DNA, but since Y-STR and mtDNA HVR are not analysed, the results are not shown in our public lists. The Y-SNP results wil show in our public SNP-list.

How to join

First you need to transfer the results to FTDNA.

Add your Genographic ID to this page, or follow the instructions below.

  • Log in to Genographic’s webpage with your ID from the test kit
  • Find “What more can I do with my results” at the bottom of the page or to the right
  • Select to transfer your data to FTDNA for free
  • Log in to FTDNA with your kit number (begins with N) and the password you get after transfer, sent to your email
  • Consider the introductory offer valid the first two weeks after transfer, where you can upgrade to a more extensive test for better matches and more detailed results

How to find Norway DNA:

  • log in to your FTDNA account with your kit number and password
  • write “Norway” in the search field for projects
  • click the highlighted project name “Norway” –  and then “join” at the bottom of the page

If you have questions regarding this or problems transferring, contact us and we will try to help.

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